Fudge Fundraising

horse & buggy line-artOur number one fundraising goal at Scarlett’s is to help your organization raise as much funds as possible, while providing your donors with the highest quality fudge available. Selling handmade, old-fashioned fudge as a fundraiser is truly a unique opportunity for your organization!

We make fresh, creamy fudge in our licensed kitchen located at  Scarlett’s Gourmet Coffee, Fudge & Specialty Items using only the finest ingredients. Combining the highest quality creams and butters with all-natural ingredients, such as pure chocolate, means we get to focus on what really matters – flavor!

Scarlett’s offers over 20 different flavors, so there is something for everyone. Our fudge is sold in ½ lb. boxes for $12.00 per box. Your organization keeps $5.00 per box which equates to a 40% profit margin!! It will come boxed, labeled and can be easily delivered. Your customers will look forward to your annual fudge fundraiser for years to come.

Fudge is a great seller, has a substantial shelf life and freezes well. To date, we have managed numerous large-scale fundraisers with local high schools, sports teams, college and universities, as well as church groups and large non-profits throughout Pennsylvania!

When you are ready to get started, simply download this fillable information form and email the completed form to [email protected].  Feel free to call us at 724.533.5515 with any questions.